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If your copy of ActivStats is an academic version and came packaged with a text book, please contact Pearson Publishing directly by visiting or calling 1-800-677-6337 Monday through Friday, 12:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST

For Academic ActivStats Mac Support please visit

If you have a ActivStats of ActivStats you are entitled to support via this web site. You may want to read the following FAQs/Known Issues and System Requirements before contacting us, as your answers may be found there.

For questions not covered here, you may fill in the online form.

FAQs/Known Issues

ActivStats is provided as an electronic download for either Windows OR Mac. The ActivStats program runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 systems and Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11.

For personal or corporate use, click here for purchasing information. For education use, either as a student or a teacher, contact Pearson Education.

ActivStat requires QuickTime be installed on your computer to run it's activities. Windows computers do not come with QuickTime pre-installed. To download a free copy of QuickTime go to Apple QuickTime Support.

Yes, but performance may be degraded. ActivStats makes extensive use of sound files and video. These require on-time delivery and may overload servers and networks if several people use ActivStats at the same time.

ActivStats is designed to work with almost any statistics text. Specific matches are provided within ActivStats to a number of popular textbooks. Whenever two sources are used to teach, there may be minor differences in notation and terminology. ActivStats uses a common notation and terminology found in many texts, modified at times to accommodate computer presentation. The Glossary helps to clarify any differences.

ActivStats is extraordinarily rich and deep. Material is presented in over 300 activities. Experience teaching with ActivStats suggests that a student needs about 60 hours to carefully study and complete all of the material in ActivStats, including working some (but not all) of the Exercises in each lesson. Of course, there is no need for students to complete all of this material to benefit from working with ActivStats.

Certainly. Data Desk is provided on the ActivStats disc and is integrated into some of the activities. However, the data used in exercises can easily be moved to any other standard statistics package. We recommend that the best place to introduce another statistics package is when students have learned inference methods and are prepared to deal with package output in its full form. Until that point in the course, ActivStats protects students from the full Data Desk output, presenting an edited version of results and a simplified template-based interface.

The Professional ActivStats package available from Data Description includes all you need to study statistics on your own.

ActivStats covers most of the syllabus specified for the AP statistics course and generally uses the same notation and terminology as specified for that course. ActivStats has already been used successfully to supplement AP statistics classes. ActivStats can be licensed by a high school, purchased individually by students for use at home, or used by individual students who wish to prepare for the AP exam but do not have access to an AP Statistics class.

Each ActivStats package contains a serial number. A valid serial number is required to use ActivStats. ActivStats checks to see that there is only one copy of ActivStats in use on the network with that particular serial number. If there is another copy of ActivStats already running with the same serial number, that computer name is displayed and access to ActivStats is denied. If ActivStats terminates without using the Exit command, then there is a chance that the ActivStats serial number is still associated on that particular computer. Starting and properly stopping ActivStats using the serial number will remove the association and allow the serial number to be used on a different computer.

Sometimes the ActivStats windows appear in funny locations and sizes. To fix this, first exit from ActivStats. Find the preferences file for ActivStats and delete it; the file is named either "ActivStats Preferences" (Mac, located in "System Folder:Preferences:" or "/Users/your_account_name/Library/Preferences/") or "ActivStats.ini" (Windows, located in "C:\Windows\"). Launch ActivStats by clicking on the application icon (not the student file icon). Choose "Open Student File" and hold down either shift-option (Mac) or shift-control (Windows) while opening your student file. This prevents the loading of the window locations and preferences and only loads the student name, serial number, progress information, and bookmarks. Don’t forget to save this fixed progress file!

If you seem to have trouble with the ActivStats application and want to reset all preferences, start the application while holding down the shift-option keys (Mac) or shift-control keys (Windows).

If expositions and movies play slowly or hesitate, check the following items to ensure maximum performance:
  - quit all other open applications
  - turn off file sharing

First you must get a laboratory license for ActivStats (contact Data Description). Create a directory called ActivStats on your server. Copy all files from the ActivStats download to the server, preserving the directory structure. Make the ActivStats directory readable and shareable non-exclusive by all clients. From the client computer, launch ActivStats from the shared directory.

These instructions only cover a single platform (Windows or Macintosh). To support both Macintosh and Windows clients, you must create a separate sharable directory and copy the alternative platform ActivStats files.

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