Affinity Insight™

Affinity Insight™ Models for Major and Planned Gift Prospects.

It's not always easy to determine whether a donor prospect has the capacity to make a major gift, and it's even harder to figure out how likely that person is to actually make such a gift. At Data Description, we have teamed up with Peter Wylie, a well-known authority on data analytics for fundraisers, to help you do just that. The Affinity Insight Model will streamline your prospect research by showing you which candidates to concentrate on.

Prospect Insight Improves Your Performance.

If you are a prospect researcher you spend your time looking for new candidates to put in front of gift officers. Providing the right candidates results in more efficient use of the gift officer's time and, hopefully, more gift money to the institution. So it's important to find candidates who are not only capable of significant gifts but likely to make them. Wealth screening can show you a donor's capacity to give, and Data Description's Affinity Insight Model can assess that person's inclination to give to your organization. These valuable insights will allow you and your colleagues to be more productive.

Insight Is within Your Reach.

Data Description's Affinity Insight Model puts predictive data analytics within reach of any organization. It is an affordable analytical framework that is customized for your organization and for your role within that organization. It starts with your most valuable fundraising asset-one you already own-your internal database.

The Affinity Insight Model uses information in your database to produce an affinity score for each candidate in the database. Our clients report that these scores are very accurate predictors of giving.

Once you integrate the affinity scores in your database, you can use them to:

  • Prioritize your prospect list
  • Identify new prospects
  • Maximize your gift goals
  • Recruit elite volunteers
  • Improve your performance

Affinity Insight™ Models for Annual Giving.

If you are a fundraising professional who directs an annual fund campaign or a membership drive your biggest challenge is probably one of sheer numbers: how to elicit optimum participation from the many, many people on whom your organization keeps information. At the same time, you have to wrestle with the risings costs of donor acquisition and retention.

The solution to the time-budget-yield equation is focus, and focus is the purpose of our customized Affinity Insight Model for Annual Giving. Our models allow you to concentrate your efforts and budget on the subsection of people in your database who are most likely to become donors

You Can Afford Predictive Modeling.

Affinity Insight Models put predictive modeling within reach of any institution, and they analyze information that you already own.

Your Affinity Insight Models will start with the information in your database. By analyzing a selection of very simple predictors of giving, such as the presence of a home telephone number or membership in a sorority or fraternity, our model returns a likelihood score for every person in your database. These scores allow you to rank your prospects and to target your efforts on those people with the highest likelihood scores. In other words, you spend time and money only on those candidates who are likely to provide return on your investment.

Affinity Insight Models start with information you already own-your database. For every prospect in your database, your Affinity Insight Model will produce a score that predicts the likelihood that person will make a gift. This information becomes part of your database.

In addition, the predictive scores from your Affinity Insight model will remain part of your database records.

Increase Annual Fund Productivity-Along with Your Own!

Our clients in annual fund campaigns have had great success when they put their likelihood scores to work for them. In some cases, they have been able to limit their outreach to 10 percent of the people in their database.

Want to Test Drive the Affinity Insight Model?

Seeing is believing. So why not find out how the Affinity Insight Model will work with your institution's data to improve your performance? You will see first hand the predictive value of the data in your own database.

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