Fundraising is All About Relationships . . . But Which Ones?

Affinity Insight™ Models Focus on the Right Candidates.

Colleges, universities and other nonprofit organizations amass a great deal of information about the people they serve. What many organizations don't realize is that they can use this information to gain valuable insight to improve their advancement efforts. Applying effective fundraising analytics, such as data mining and predictive modeling, can yield significant benefits in cost savings and more productive donor contact.

Start with the Information You Already Own.

At Data Description, we have teamed up with Peter Wylie, a well-known authority on data analytics for fundraisers, to develop our Affinity Insight Models™ and make data mining and predictive modeling an affordable opportunity for any institution.

While many data analysis services provide information about your prospects' capacity to give, our customized predictive models rate your prospects' inclination to give.

Affinity Insight Models start with information you already own-your database. For every prospect in your database, your Affinity Insight Model will produce a score that predicts the likelihood that person will make a gift. This information becomes part of your database.

Arrive at Cost-Effective Insight.

With information about which prospect relationships will pay off, you can move immediately to:

Our Savvy or Yours?

We can build a custom Affinity Insight Model for you, or we can provide training to help you build relationship savvy within your organization. For information on training in fundraising analytics, click here.

Our Clients Get Results.

Our clients range from small private schools and colleges to major public universities and nonprofits. The results they've achieved with the Affinity Insight Model have made them believers in our approach to predictive analytics.

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