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There is no doubt about it - Excel is one powerful tool. However, it does have its limitations. Data Desk/XL(DDXL) is a downloadable statistics add-in that complements Excel's standard statistics capabilities. It can be used effectively for analyzing real-world data and as a supplement to an introductory statistics course.



DDXL offers licensing options for individual users. Free technical support is included for all currently licensed users.

To obtain a trial version of DDXL; create an account and return to this page.


All results are two to three mouse clicks away. Just select the columns you want to analyze, choose the desired command from the DDXL menu in your Add-Ins menu bar, assign the variables in the dialog box and click the OK button.

Reliable Results

All DDXL computations are based on algorithms that have been used and validated with real data for over 25 years. Statistics 101 classes around the world have been using DDXL for decades because of that accuracy.

Expert Guidance

Each statistical function includes a predefined template written by statistics experts that offers guidance for working with your data and helps you interpret the result.

DDXL Example 2: Simple Regression

DDXL Example 3: Var t Interval

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