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Data Desk is designed to be your data analysis companion. Visualizations link together into a more comprehensive view of your data. Found an interesting or extraordinary case? Data Desk can search for information about it in your chosen search engine. Need to correct a case? Data Desk will keep your plots and analyses up to date—or save the old analysis so you can see it side-by-side with the corrected one.

Whether your data come from a statistically designed experiment or just happen to be available, Data Desk can help you understand them.


  • 64-bit Speed on Mac and Windows
  • Fast Toolbar Navigation
  • Web Search Query
  • Bootstraps
  • Enhanced Export Features
  • Better cross platform file support
  • Streamlined Performance when using previous version datasets

Key Features

Blindingly Fast Interface

The fastest interface available in any statistics software: Click a toolbar tool to make a plot or table window and drag your variables where they belong. No dialog to fill in, no syntax to remember or look up, no punctuation to get wrong, no debugging.


Data Desk saves you time when analyses compute instantly on our sleeker, faster, 64-bit engine. A million cases in your database? Two million? Data Desk doesn’t care. Plots and even complex analyses are instantaneous. Drag in a new variable and windows update instantly. Data Desk even starts up faster than any other comparable program.

Unique HyperView®

You’ll save time by using Data Desk’s unique HyperView® menus that suggest the next steps naturally. Correlation tables offer scatterplots. Scatterplots suggest regression models. Regression tables let you plot the residuals and diagnostics directly from the regression table.

Explain Components

Data Desk helps you understand more. The top command in every window’s HyperView now provides an explanation of that plot or statistical method written by a master statistics teacher.

Input, Clean, Format

You’ll save time inputting, cleaning, and formatting your data. Money symbols, comma dividers, % and ¢ are all interpreted correctly. Copy and paste data from spreadsheets, documents, and web sites. Find errors and anomalies with Data Desk’s interactive graphics. Any case selected in a plot is also selected for editing, so repairs are quick. And, of course, plots and analyses can update in place to reflect the correction.

Web Search Query

It’s about that time when you look up a particularly interesting case with Data Desk’s unique Web Search Query to dig up the background about that case, and discover what you never expected.

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