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For the Fastest Visual Exploration and Analysis, the Deepest Insight

Data Desk brings fast, easy-to-use visual analysis to your desktop. It provides interactive graphical tools for exploring and understanding your data—for finding the patterns, relationships, and exceptions. While it implements many traditional statistics techniques suitable for data from planned experiments and sample surveys, Data Desk’s true strength is its powerful tools for data exploration. Its insightful graphic displays simplify intuitive investigation of your data.

You Don’t Need a Statistics Background

No special training in statistics is necessary to gain insight on the implications of the data you need to understand. You’ll find patterns and relationships, and you’ll bring to light the elements that don’t fit—of the most important discoveries you can make. You’ll get to the real causes behind the patterns and relationships.

See Your Data Many Ways at Once

Extreme computational speed and linked views make Data Desk an unsurpassable tool for exploring any set of data—from a few hundred cases to a few million. You’ll see several different views of your data at once. Select points in one plot or table and see those points highlight instantly in all other plots. Modify a data value or parameter and see all relevant plots and table update immediately. Start at one level and drill down for more detailed views.


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