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Data Desk is the shortest distance between your data and deep insight.

Data Desk 7

Data Desk 7 uses powerful tools for in-depth data exploration and interactive fast data analysis. When you explore your data with Data Desk 7, you will find patterns and relationships that simplify intuitive examination of your outcomes.

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for Windows

DDXL Add-in introduces basic Data Desk viewing power to gain insight into your Excel data with results you can trust. DDXL is an introductory statistics engine that goes beyond Excel's standard statistics capabilities.

Mac and Windows

ActivStats Pro is a powerful downloadable multimedia statistic course. Whether you're looking for an introduction to statistics or need a refresher, ActivStats Pro for Mac or Windows is what you're looking for.

Fundraising Analytics

Colleges and other nonprofit organizations amass a great deal of information about the people they serve. Fundraising analytics such as data mining and predictive modeling of that information, can yield significant benefits in cost savings and a more productive donor contact list.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis--the underlying premise of Data Desk software--is a statistics approach that allows the decision maker to see patterns and relationships in his or her data without the need to know what to look for initially. Data Desk's direct interface, fast computations and dynamic displays brings EDA to your fingertips.

Data Description, Inc., of beautiful Ithaca, New York, has been developing quality educational and statistical software since 1986. Anyone who needs to gain actionable insight from raw data will do that faster, more accurately, and more effectively if he or she can see the patterns in their data and explore the relationships among them. We are the leading developer of software tools for interactive data visualization and exploration.