Since 1985, Data Description has created software tools to reveal the truth hidden in your data. Our software has won both awards and enthusiastic users. We create commercial software, custom applications, and integrated applications for data analysis and exploration. The idea driving these products, and what distinguishes them, is that seeing is understanding. Anyone who needs to gain actionable insight from raw data will do that faster, more accurately, and more effectively if he or she can see the patterns in their data and explore the relationships among them. We are the leading developer of software tools for interactive data visualization and exploration, and an application development environment for customizing, extending and integrating these tools.

Nobody Does It Like This!

Data Desk 7 continues the Data Desk family tradition with unmatched speed, the muscle to handle millions of cases, and consistent, interactive plots and analyses that speed your data exploration. You'll learn more about your data, see patterns more clearly, and zip through your analyses faster than ever before.

Data Desk is the shortest distance between your data and your insight.

Data Desk 7 User's Forum

Have a question not answered by Data Desk's documentation? Check out Data Desk 7's new User Forum. If the User Forum doesn't have the answers, you can post your question on the forum and get help fast.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis--the underlying premise of Data Desk software--is a statistics approach that allows the decision maker to see patterns and relationships in his or her data without the need to know what to look for initially. EDA facilitates sophisticated understanding of what's really going on in a body of data. Data Desk's direct interface, fast computations and dynamic displays brings EDA to your fingertips.

Fundraising Analytics

Colleges, universities, and other nonprofit organizations amass a great deal of information about the people they serve. What many organizations don't realize is that they can mine this information. The resulting insights can make their advancement efforts for effective and more efficient. Fundraising analytics such as data mining and predictive modeling, can yield significant benefits in cost savings and more productive donor contact.

ActivStats Pro

ActivStats Pro is an innovative multimedia education product that teaches introductory college-level statistics and the use of our Data Desk data exploration package. Animated Activities introduce statistics concepts. Teaching Applets reinforce those concepts. Video is a motivational force, and guided analyses of real-world data provide hands-on practice with Data Desk, all in a downloadable package.